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Communication refers to the process of transmitting an idea or information by speech, writing, or signs in order to gain a shared understanding. Media (singular: medium) refer to the channels or tools used to store and transmit information or data. 

History and Evolution of Media Communications

The earliest forms of human communication were written or drawn. The most popular example of prehistoric communication channels are cave paintings. During 550 BC in Persia, the field of communication took a historic turn with the development of postal system by Persian emperor Cyrus the Great. However, the word communication is derived from the Latin word communicare as the Romans also devised a postal system that allowed them to communicate vital information over long distances.      

The medium of communication dominant to society is so important that it has been used by historians to divide human civilization into epochs. Thus, we have the age of ideographic writing, alphabetic writing, printing, electronic media and broadcasting, and Internet communication.  

Types of Modern Communication Media 

Communications media are categorized into two: physical and mechanical. Physical communications media refer to channels where the person delivering the message can be seen or heard. The channel is not necessary two-way. Examples are video conferences, telephone, television, and radio. Mechanical media refers to electronic or written channels such as e-mail, SMS, and billboard. 


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