Learn About Magazine Production and How It is Related To Other Publications

Magazine production is the publishing of literature in the form of magazines. The publishing process is similar to how other types of publications are developed. In the case of a magazine, extra designs and special printing processes are involved.

Unlike a newspaper, a magazine has to have good packaging. This includes the front cover, the paper quality, the content and the presentation. Even the quality of advertisements in a magazine and a newspaper differ.

Magazine journalism Vs newspaper journalism

The nature of journalism for magazines and newspapers are one and the same. Often, newspaper publications have magazine publications as well. They use their same set of newspaper journalists to generate articles for their magazine.

However, there is one serious difference in magazine journalism. Certain magazines cater to a specialized area such finance, sports, industries, economy, and so on. The level of journalism needed in these cases has to have expertise, depth and wide knowledge. Magazine, as with newspapers, are taken seriously.

Sometimes magazine editors publish the work of industry people. These articles are otherwise called as columns. The extent of columns by subject matter experts in magazines is more than in newspapers.

How are magazine principles different from newspaper principles?

Journalism is a broad category that encompasses all types of publications. This includes newspapers, magazines, television news, radio news, and journals. The principles of journalism apply across these categories of publications.

The onus on reporters is to present accurate news than speculative news. Even if it were, there should be a disclaimer stating that the ideas and opinions essayed are subjective. This is often an aspect missing in most publications.

Journalism is freedom of speech, thought and action. But it should never be the misuse of it. The world is influenced by the media, and it is the onus of journalists to present only what they know is one hundred percent accurate.

Types of magazines

There are countless types of magazines. However, here are some common categories.

  • Entertainment - Entertainment magazines are all about gloss and glamour. They are pure yellow journalism. The principles of journalism hardly apply here as all stories are about gossip, hype and speculation.
  • Sports magazines - Dedicated sports magazines are for the avid sports reader.
  • Business magazines - These magazines cater to the business community and are a very highly specialized magazine production niche.
  • Economic magazines - These are related to business magazines, but talk about national and international economic issues.



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